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Biological Thinking & the Comfort Zone

An interview by Johannes Fisslinger for META-Health University


Freeze or Super Powers?

META-Health uses cutting-edge scientific findings and models to explore and explain stress-related diseases and various symptoms in their social-emotional context. A base for this is the model of the 5 biological laws of nature which describes the dynamic process of self-healing after stress and trauma: the intelligent body adapts temporarily to exceptional needs - a necessary reaction that leads to be counterbalanced in the regeneration phase after the threat is gone. This "Yin-Yang model" of polarity is enriched by the findings of neuroscience which I presented on the International META-Health Conference in Mumbai, february 2017:


Improve Posture and Performance with your Mind!

Affections of the musculoskeletal system often don't seem easy to deal with. They can include intense pain leading to progressive weakness and cutbacks in your life quality. META-Health understanding of the components of the locomotor system, their specific functions and metaphorical meanings, and when to expect and control what sort of pain, shines a light on the thought patterns and emotions that make the difference whether to drown or to be relieved, and the secret of success! This is a talk delivered on the International META-Health Conference in Mumbai, february 2017:


Autoimmune Diseases & the Thyroid

An interview by Kim Knight, the Kiwi Health Detective