Advanced META-Health Training with Kora

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For certified META-Health Practitioners/Health Coaches (Level 2)

Update & deepen your biological understanding and practice!

IMMA Level 3 - Master Practitioner Online Training

META-Health develops. Do you want to be at the cutting edge, go beyond the 2 phases, explore the patterns of our personality and the methodology of healing?
Then this training is for you.

META-Health Analysis

  • Integrate the META-Health concepts beyond "looking it up"
  • Understand all organ systems, their tissue layers & functions
  • Recognize nuances for differential anamnesis
  • Neurological levels & profiling by symptoms
  • Emotional patterns
  • Psychological effects in detail: anxiety & panic, mania & depression, hormonal imbalances, intro-& extraversion, aggression, obsessions and more
  • Assess polarities & secondary gains

Coaching strategies for all situations

You get the basic principles of a wealth of tools which are essential for effective client work:

  • Resourcing
  • Reframing
  • Trauma Healing
  • Regression & Reimprinting work
  • Core values & the Inner Peace Process
  • Reorientation & Motivation
  • Strategies for prevention & vitality
  • Design detailed individual sustainable health plans

Level-3-Training in detail

The META-Health 4 U Online Training combines interactive live-classes with home study, and was designed for professionals that want to work besides their studies. Focus is on practical integration and deepening of your knowledge and skills to give you competence and confidence in working with clients with all kinds of symptoms and challenges.


  • Study material to all functional systems, specific symptomatics, relations and bio-logical consequences for supportive assistance and effective therapy
  • Kora's META-Health Wiki with detailed updated information, examples of the brain/mind/social/organ connection and assessment help
  • Flow charts & worksheets
  • Exercises and quizzes for each chapter
  • Discussions in our internal forum
  • Final exam for Master Practitioner certification (optional)


  • Interactive online meetings live on Zoom every other week
  • Demonstration and practice of analysis- & coaching techniques
  • Review & supervision of case studies & client examples
  • Coaching & mentoring


META-Health Medicine Association

This training follows the current standards of the META-Medicine Association and is accredited for certification of META-Health Master Practitioners.

Requirements to be qualified as Master Practitioner of META-Health:

Prerequisite (not included in this training): META-Health Level 2 (Practitioner) or former IMMA META-Health Coach/META-Medicine Health Coach training

  • Level 3 training: 125+ training hours: 20 live classes à 120 minutes, 40 hours home study, 20 hours analysis/coaching practice, 20 hours case documentation/discussion, 5 hours individual mentoring/coaching
  • Completed online theory exam level 3
  • Live or recorded demonstration of your META-Health analysis & coaching skills
  • 10 reviewed and accepted case documentations

Master Classes for your needs

This training can be booked complete or in modules that fit your interests and needs. Each module counts with 5 points/hours as ongoing education in META-Health. The live sessions take place every other week from 7-9pm GMT on the online platform Zoom.
Each participant gets access to the online campus with study material, exercises, quizzes, forums & database. Participants are granted free ongoing access to the following courses up to their level of competence, to ensure ongoing support & quality. We'll keep track of your training points and prepare you for certification with IMMA.

Available modules:

  • Recap, update & deepening ANS, UDIN, reflexes, rhythms
  • Recap, update & deepening brain & tissue layers, symptom characteristics, analysis flowchart
  • Recap, update & deepening psychological effects & personality
  • Recap, update & deepening The biology of fears
  • Neurological levels & implications for coaching & therapy
  • Sensory systems & symptoms in Old Brain and New Brain mode

More modules to come:

  • Trauma healing: options to assess, discharge & transform energy
  • Symptoms, constellations & profiling: tailor-made intervention
  • Values & choices: lymphatic system
  • Easy regression, renegotiation & reimprinting
  • Chunk loops and the Peace Process
  • Goals, true goals & motivation
  • Needs, beliefs and the structure of the body: musculoskeletal system
  • The rhythm of life: respiratory system
  • Follow the heart: circulatory system
  • Endocrine system I: the internal environment
  • Endocrine system II: stress, fear & caution
  • Digestive system I: Chunks, values and aggression
  • Digestive system II: Microbes, brain food & gut health
  • Urinary system: messages of water
  • Reproductive system: worries & role models


  • Each module costs only 50,-EUR
  • The Master Practitioner certification (review and discussion of your case studies, individual mentoring and preparation, review and supervision of your practice demo) costs 490,-EUR
  • The whole course incl mentoring & preparation for certification costs 1490,-EUR, additional or repeated modules by Kora free of charge.

Special offer for certified Master Practitioners, Experts, Trainers & Master Trainers as ongoing education: contact us via the contact form above, or email kora(at) topic "ongoing education"

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