The META-Health model

is a spanning, scientific, undogmatic and specific model of bio-psycho-social interconnections.

It is based on psychosomatic science and on the discoveries of DR R G Hamer, who found and described the interaction between psyche, brain and organs in detail. This concept is groundbreaking and extremely helpful for the analysis of symptoms. The META-Health community of health professionals and scientists continuously reviews it´s claims to prove, apply and expand it.

In META-Health, unlike Dr Hamer´s viewpoint, the existence of virus and the immune system is not denied. In fact, this system is recognized as a regulating function of the internal environment during the disease-and-healing processes. The place and position of microbes and virus in the human body is a field of ongoing research.

In the META-Health perspective, the process of metastasis can be integrated into the explanation model of the onset of tumors having a specific background of trauma, environmental factors and repetitive emotional patterns.

Hamer´s concept about the neuronal mechanisms in the traumatic "frozen moment" before the real stress phase for us is corrected and complemented by Stephen Porges´ polyvagal theory.

META-Health therapy

... is an integrative approach that does not reject any method of therapeutic help. All medical and therapy forms have their place, provided that the patients/clients with their individuality are in the center. According to their needs and values therapy and self-healing takes place in the biological context.
All levels are taken into account:

  • mental hygiene
  • emotional release
  • vitality
  • support and control of the organ reactions
  • a supportive social environment

Ideally, a close cooperation of physicians, therapists, and the client is established.

Of greatest importance in META-Health therapy is the awareness and release of the energy stored in physis and psyche in UDIN moments (emotional relevant moment: unexpected, dramatic, isolating and bare of strategy) and in patterns created by these experiences. Emotional release must not be forced, but is safely guided by practitioners with appropriate methods. Further points of orientation are individual values, thinking and belief patterns, that are recognized and if necessary, can be questioned and transformed.

An individual therapy plan is established to help sustainable change.

A good start to experience and understand the META-Health principles, is my META-Health-Symptom Analysis.

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