META-Health live!

Are you interested in an event with me?

Take contact with me and get your tailor-made offer - for example:

Kora live
  • Lecture "All natural?" (evening event)
    An introduction to our organism's psycho-biological response patterns
  • Lecture "An introduction to META-Health"
    (interactive day or weekend event)
  • Meta-Evolution Live Workshop (usually 5 days)


Meta-Evolution Live Workshops!

Meta-Evolution means merging Permaculture insights, Meta-Health knowledge and Meta-Learning tools to create YOUR OWN empowered sustainable lifestyle towards a healed world!

This training is made to boost your creativity, your communication and your transformation skills, based on expanded awareness.

On this workshop we will:

  • explore the biological laws of evolution by overcoming conflicts, both in science and with our own senses
  • work out positive management of challenging experiences on various levels, including somatic symptoms
  • acquire meaningful questioning and communication techniques to facilitate sustainable change
  • convey consciousness-expanding and transforming techniques from e g NLP, Somatic Experiencing and Psychokinesiology, and apply them in the context
  • win insights into design and functioning of organic structures on various levels, for to learn to use them for the sustainability of your own goals

Why should I attend a Meta-Evolution workshop?

Because you will...

  • see the patterns AND the details of your situation, and APPLY this understanding to create your DESIRED profile
  • AT WILL activate your creativity and problem-solving capacity
  • learn how to make affirmations work when you REALLY need it - because you know what makes them work or fail
  • understand the process of disease and utilize it as a LIBERATING tool
  • gain UNSHAKABLE confidence in your own unique path of life
  • build a strong relationship with your INNER GUIDANCE
  • learn how to convey your message so that it will facilitate SUSTAINABLE CHANGE in your environment
  • EXPERIENCE the wisdom behind failure that enables you to turn it into SUCCESS
  • boost your effectivity by utilizing PERMACULTURE PRINCIPLES


The workshop consists of 40 course units (45 minutes) and costs EUR 480 per person. Costs for accommodation and meals extra.

This workshop counts towards the IMMA certification as Meta-Health Practitioner.