META-Health live!

A vibrant city between mountains and the sea, with breathtaking views and architecture, cozy corners, music and surprises, Barcelona is the inspiring venue of the 2018 META-Health Convention.

We come together to share, discuss, include, be inspired, have fun together, and to feel the dynamic energy of giving birth to a transformed organizational structure. This event is member-focused and groundbreaking – let’s enjoy the flow!


  • Why META-Health is the key for consciousness
    Helena Kujama
  • Macular Degeneration: a wake up call to light the hidden corners of our own unique individuality
    Kwesi Anan Odum
  • Transforming addiction
    Kora Klapp
  • Like Phoenix from the Ashes: healing from injuries
    Lisbeth Lundgaard
  • Working with children
    Gitte Retbøll

Updating META-Health teaching to current scientific models

  • Hypothyroid and the Freeze reponse
    Deborah Wiggins-Hay
  • New insights from neuroscience: is the phases model sufficient? Implications from the Polyvagal Theory, fascia research and more
    Panel discussion with Kora Klapp, Lisbeth Lundgaardy and others
  • Immune system or what?! The gut brain, microbiome, lymphatics, and healing approaches to consider
    Panel discussion with Robert Waghmare, Lisbeth Lundgaard, Kora Klapp and others
  • Sharing of projects from local sub-organizations
  • Open discussion of the findings and how to integrate them in common META-Health teaching material

Live exercises in between:

  • Morning meditation for massive transformation
    Lars Mygind
  • Trauma-Releasing Exercises (TRE)
    Andrea Antela
  • Sound-healing
    Anu Mehta
  • Yoga
    Falguni Mather
  • Playing by Heart (inspired by Fred O. Donaldson)
    Kora Klapp


Extensions and tools aligned with META-Health

With live demos

  • META-Kinetics
    Robert Waghmare
  • META-Vision
    Kwesi Anan Odum
  • META-Energetics
    Ute Hirth
  • Deep PEAT
    Tron Enger



Identify your stress with help of your drawing and colour selection
Anu Mehta

Neutralize any trauma, and duality/polarization in life, with Deep PEAT 4
Tron Enger

Building META-Health businesses
Walter Reiner, Lucille White


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