Meta-Health symptom analysis

Meta-Health Symptomanalyse

My interactive tool for health advice with socio-bio-psycho-logical context as background for understanding!

As you fill in the questionnaire documenting your symptoms and their context, I contact you to clear details and understandings.

With these informations we are able to clarify the psycho-biological wholistic meaning of your issue for you and to offer individual suggestions for therapy and self-development.

All your personal data are protected and will only be used for your personal consultation in your life questions. You can contact me at any time, if you want your personal data to be deleted.

My META-Health Symptom analysis costs 60 EUR and will be charged together with the evaluation.

General information



male female Age:

Are you right or left handed?
Help: With which hand you catch a ball? Which hand is above when clapping?

Family situation(your relationships to partner, parents, children)

Job situation:

Sexual hormone status (e g puberty, fertile, menopause):

Drug intake:

Symptom-related information

1.) Describe in short the symptoms that concern you and pair them together
according to your own perception (e g time-related, triggering each other a s o):

2.) With which symptoms do you observe a certain rhythm?
(e g more intense in the morning, or after meals...)

3.) Do you have a medical diagnosis for your issue?
On which observations is this diagnosis based?


4.) Aside from these symptoms, do you feel more active and stressed or calm and needing rest?

5.) How is your sleep quality?
(Duration, problems to fall asleep, interrupts, dreams...)

6.) How is the quality of your digestion?
(frequency, consistency, volume, with medical aids ...)

7.) Describe your body-heat balance in general and in the course of the day:

Psychological strain

8.) How strongly do you suffer physically through your symptoms?
(1 = not at all, 10 = totally)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Any comments:

9.) How strongly do you suffer psychologically through your symptoms?
(1 = not at all, 10 = totally)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Any comments:

10.) What does this mean for your social relationships?


11.) During what time did you notice the symptoms for the first time?

12.) What had changed before that time in your life and / or your body?

13.) How was the further development from that time on?
Please draft a timeline:

14.) How does that fit into your life situation?

15.) Is there such a pattern in your family?

16.) How would freedom of the symptoms influence your life?
Name several impacts:

17.) How do you imagine to contribute to the improvement yourself?

18.) Any other relevant informationen you want to share with us:

Thank you for your effort!

Koras Coaching - Life & Health Coaching

I am sure that you already by thinking about the questions have come closer to the structure of your issue and it´s meaning for you and your life.

I am going to study your case and will contact you for further clarifying if necessary. Then I can provide the META-Health analysis from psycho-socio-biological perspective and give you suggestions on what method or therapy will be appropriate for you.

You belong to your world, have been shaped by your history, and you are unique. Deep inside yourself, your answer is already there.

If you can feel it, you can heal it!

This is not only about therapy, but about sustainable learning steps to health and a fulfilled life. It is about self-respect and about awareness.

By submitting your data you make a binding order for the META-Health symptom analysis.