Corona - is there a META-view?

Yes - there are various, depending on what “constellated perception” we have!

Question: are viruses real?

Even if the term “virus” means “poison” and we wouldn’t generally subscribe to that meaning, these little sequences of information that reproduce in a hosting organism do exist. They lack certain features that microbes such as bacteria and fungi have, but inside an organism or ecosystem they are as omnipresent, and even needed for balance and self-regulation. Read the science about the role of viruses in the holobiont system here

Is the Corona virus killing people?

People have died from pneumonia and flu-like symptoms, especially in the area of China where the virus was searched for and detected. At the same time, this area is known for its air pollution - the temporary closing down of factories due to the epidemic actually led to a drastic decrease of pollution!

Pollution levels in January contrast with those in February (Nasa)

(Activating the “levitating constellation mode”, one could suspect some intention here…)

However, in other countries the kind of symptoms being connected with the Corona virus are not more but rather less dangerous than those of a seasonal flu, which kills about one in a thousand people in Europe, primarily those who are aged or otherwise weakened.

Was the SARS-CoV-2 manufactured in a Wuhan laboratory?

This was pondered by a scientific paper, as SARS-CoV-2 seems to share certain sections with the HIV-1 virus and other viruses, and it was elaborated on in circles that activate the “occipital constellation” which makes us especially alert and focused on intentional threats.

However, peer-review contradicts the claim of intentional manufacturing:

“these pieces of genetic code are also found in countless other viruses and there’s no reason to believe they specifically came from HIV, at all.” source
“Shi Zhengli, a researcher from the institute, said on her social media on Sunday that the virus was the result of "nature punishing the uncivilized habits and customs of humans", and she is willing to "bet my life that [the outbreak] has nothing to do with the lab." source

Whether this answer from the Wuhan scientist is scientifically convincing may still be doubted.

Who controls the fear?

Big BrotherThe problem is, as with other fears that spread “virally” through media and the population, that personal freedom is easily sacrificed for the idea of protection. Under stress, Old Brain overrides New Brain. We are willing to make war on terrorism, cancer, measles, the migrants, the Nazis, without realizing that wars enslave and damage everyone. In the name of safety we hand over more and more of our self-responsibility and right of choice to “the experts” and to technical devices. Is Big Brother watching us in our Brave New World?... Guess how these visionary fictions came about!

What impact does the virus have on you?

I like to think of viral transmission as of thought fields spreading and activating our personal triggers. Viruses contain sequences of amino acids, just as our DNA – our genetic programming - does. They are pieces of information that enter our system and may or may not be integrated in it and into our microbiome.

Dr Hamer’s theory relates viruses to conflicts relayed in the cerebral cortex and playing out in tissues derived from the outer germ layer. This means that both your anxiety and social conflicts determine how susceptible you will be for symptoms, and where in the body these will occur:

  • Bronchitis or pneumonia: you dealt with fears – to not be accepted, to not being able to breathe, or even to lose your life.
  • Congested or running nose, sneezing: you had a hard time to finding out about something, or you didn’t like what you found.
  • General aches and fatigue: you want to regenerate from a stressful time or event that challenged your self-esteem.

The processing of stressors, information and beliefs on an organic level actually updates and resets your whole system, to the extent that you can integrate new insights and ideas. In a healthy and resourceful environment, you may be exposed to the virus and even contract it without any relevant symptoms!


Read about the scientific base for reasonable decisionmaking in the next post "Liberty for Health", and about the project !

picture sources: NASA via
Pixabay, user The Digital Artist